The Laser-Grader® is ideal for close tolerance grading, which makes it the right technology for grading tennis courts and running tracks. It is perfect for fine grading all of the layers for clay, fast-dry, and asphalt tennis courts.Clay and fast-dry courts must have the gravel base as precise as possible so the following layer of stone dust ("fines") and the layer of fast-dry will each have a uniform depth. It is much easier to maintain the correct degree of slope for the courts if each layer has been laser-graded.

Both asphalt tennis courts and running tracks benefit from laser-grading in the same way. A properly laser-graded sub-surface will enable the paver to put down an even layer of asphalt. This will reduce the chance of cracks, puddles and wavy lane lines. The smoother and more uniform the surface of the tennis court or track, the less chance of injury to the athletes.