The Laser-Grader® was designed with the building slab in mind. Typically, when commercial buildings are constructed, the site work is started, but the steel walls and roof often seem to move a little faster than the preparation of the sub-grade, resulting in limited access for a larger motor grader to get inside the building.

The Laser-Grader® will fine grade to +/- 3mm accuracy when using 18mm processed material (or smaller), making it one of the most accurate finishing tools on the market today. Since your X & Y Axis will be precise, this will allow you to focus on the Z axis. This tolerance will not only result in uniformity throughout the concrete pour, but will also save on the concrete.

By achieving the rough grade to within +/- 25-50mm using conventional methods, the laser grader will provide fine tolerance completion using fewer resources in terms of labour and plant. Not only will you save on labour costs, but you will see an increase in job productivity, an increase in material yields and you will have a perfect uniform sub grade.